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With today’s technology, a good locksmith can make replacement car key for most cars. In Angleton, there are few highly skilled car locksmiths who will be more then happy to assist you. Yes, it’s not as comfortable as sitting at the dealer’s waiting area, on the other hand, it’s not as expensive as sitting at the dealer.

How Much Does a Key Replacement Cost?

Depending on some variants, a key replacement can cost you anywhere from $45 to $1400 (SAAB Drivers, don’t lose your keys!). In some cases, a key replacement can be as low as $45, since all we need to do is to pull a key code using your car’s VIN, cut the key blank and hand it over to you. If a key code is not available, the locksmith will have to pull one of the car locks to retrieve the cuts, or read the key code stamped on it (specific models only).

Car Keys, Transponder Keys, Proximity Keys and More

Between now and 30 years ago, a lot has been changed. If 15 years ago only few cars had a security system installed in them, today almost everyone knows what a transponder key is. These little chips are hidden in the keys communicating with the car computer. Over the past few years, technology jumped even higher when the proximity keys were invented. No more keys to turn, simply a gentle touch on the power switch and the car fires up.

In Angleton, today, there are probably more cars equipped with transponder system than cars without one. But, If most locksmiths can make car keys for older cars, some locksmiths can make keys to newer cars, but only few locksmiths can make keys to the newest cars.

In the past 3 years, Toyota, Ford, Subaru and many other car manufacturers upgraded their security systems, going from 40 bit encryption to 50, 60 and 80 bit.

What Documents Do I need to Present to the Car Locksmith?

If you live in Angleton, or in Texas, you need to know that a locksmith, as nice as he can be, can not assist you without a proof of ownership. That being said, you have to be the car owner, or have the car owner present his driver’s license and valid car registration to the locksmith, prior to getting a key made. These rules are dictated by the state of Texas and the locksmith has no way around them.

We took the time to study, experience and practice, over and over until we brought it into perfection. In most cases, you will be able to drive your car in 5-12 minutes from the time that the locksmith arrived at your location.

Can a Locksmith Refuse to Make Me a Key?

Yes! If the locksmith suspects that the car is stolen, had been tampered with or if he thinks that you are in no condition to drive, the locksmith may refuse to make a replacement key for you. To avoid inconvenience, please understand that our car locksmiths are indeed service men, but the fact that we come to you for service does not mean that we are owned by you. We do our best to please our customers and to provide the best auto locksmith service in Angleton, and will be happy to assist you if by any chance you’re locked out of your car or lost your car keys.