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Angleton Residential Locksmith

The security of your home and family is important to the experts at Locksmith Angleton. Some locksmith companies don’t realize that you have a budget to stick to, and that locksmith services are not typically factored into your budget. Our local business recognizes this and bears your budget in mind. A friendly, experienced locksmith from our company can meet with you anytime and discuss your home’s individual locksmith needs.

Customer service and satisfaction is always the top priority of Locksmith Angleton. Letting a stranger into your home can be unsettling; but rest assured, our locksmith technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. You can be confident that the locksmith entering your home will always be professional and honest.

Our technicians are highly trained in the specifics of the unique construction and architecture in the Angleton area. We only use the most advanced, state of the art equipment on your home’s locks and keys to ensure the highest quality locksmith service available. We offer a wide array of residential locksmith solutions. From re-keying to safe installations, we do it all!

Safe Installation, Service and Repair

Locksmith Angleton installs high quality safes for your home, and can also offer to service your existing safe. Do you need a large safe for weapons, or a small safe for documents? We offer you a variety of options to suit for specific safe needs. Working with quality companies such as Honeywell, you can be confident knowing that the safe installed by us will be quality. You may also discuss the option of a fire-proof safe with our knowledgeable locksmiths.

Deadbolt Installation

Deadbolt locks are referred to as “dead” because of the way that the cylinder turns in the lock. Most door knob locks are spring action, so they can be manipulated, picked and opened with certain cards or sharp objects. The cylinder of a deadbolt lock is fixed in one place, and will not turn without the proper key or instrument inserted into the key hole. Deadbolts installed by us are usually put on exterior doors, but deadbolts can also be used on garage latches or interior doors. A deadbolt installed by Locksmith Angleton is a secure and affordable extra layer of protection for your home.

Lock and Key Replacement

Did you recently move into a new home? When you move into a home, Real Estate Agents, Inspectors to Appraisers have all had access to your home during the purchase or rental process. Locksmith Angleton recommends calling us to install new locks, or re-key your present locks. Our locksmith technicians can then present you with a new set of keys to your home. New lock installation or re-keying is a cost efficient way to have the peace of mind that no one else can enter your home. An expert from our company can meet with you to explain all of our affordable products and services. All work performed on your home is guaranteed 100%.

24 Hour Emergency Residential Services

Are you locked out of your house or apartment? We can get you back into your house or apartment fast. We understand how frustrating and inconvenient a lock-out is. Our professional technicians can open your home carefully, ensuring that no damage is done to your locks or doors. Once inside, the locksmith can provide you with additional keys to your locks if necessary.

Has your home been broken in to? Locksmith Angleton understands that a break-in is devastating, and happens all too often. Your door may have been kicked in, or your locks drilled or picked. Either way, you feel vulnerable and scared. We can respond to a break-in anywhere in the Angleton area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in about 30 minutes. A professional locksmith will discuss your options for replacement and repair to give you back that lost feeling of security. Since our locksmith are licensed, bonded and insured, you can be confident knowing that the locksmith entering your home will operate with honesty and integrity.

For all of your residential locksmith needs, you only need one number in the Angleton area: (979) 308-3517. Our helpful Customer Service Agents are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.